On Saturday 1st September, two teams of recreational cyclists will embark on a simultaneous journey across Europe with which aims to encourage communities to take an action and build networks between refugees, citizens, sport clubs and organizations. Project raises citizens’ awareness about the inactivity crisis, encourages healthy habits and offers a chance to show support to European solidarity. Bike for Europe is a cross-border cycling tour organized by the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) and co-funded by the European Commission as an official European Week of Sport event for 2018. The two teams will start the tour from two separate points (Drenthe in the Netherlands and Thessaloniki in Greece), and meet each other in the center of Europe, in Vienna, on 22nd September as a symbolic gesture of solidarity and peaceful mobility. Each team will ride 1500 kilometers towards the center of Europe and will arrive during the official opening of the European Week of Sport in the capital of the Presidency of the Council of the EU in Austria.

The Bike for Europe tour will travel along several EuroVelo routes and parts of the Cycling Cities network in 11 different countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece) as a lead-up event to the European Week of Sport and directly contributing to the week itself.  Anyone can get involved in the tour by being part of the on-route or off-route activities promoting social inclusion, as well as donating their kilometers cycled to work or school to raise funds for bicycles for organizations working with refugees. In doing so, they will get behind a cause that is important because many Europeans at a difficult and divisive moment in our history. Bike for Europe will offer an opportunity for Europeans to show their support towards solidarity. Local citizens can choose different levels of involvement: joining the tour, organizing local events, donating cycling kilometers or supporting local crowdfunding campaigns. Too often we only hear voices of protest against strangers, migrants and refugees, so joining this initiative could be a peaceful but effective way to show support for a more active and inclusive society through physical activity.

Side events are planned along the route and off-route all over Europe.  The South Team is organizing a cycling pre-tour in Greece visiting cities hosting refugees through UNHCR Accommodation and First Assistance program and the main event in Thessaloniki for the 1st September for the start of South Team journey. The side event registration is still open, and individuals and organizations can advertise their event and access other promotional materials on the tour’s website The Bike for Europe tour is co-funded by the European Commission as a Not-for-Profit European Week of Sport Event and promotes the #BeActive message. Please visit the official website if you would like more information about the tour and the team. For live updates and more about the tour, follow the journey’s hashtag #BikeForEurope on Twitter @greenwayscoop @ISCA_tweet and @NowWeMove and the tour’s website.

Link to EU Sport tweet for World refugee Day and our cycling tour:
Short video during 3rd Cycling Tour of Tripolis, in 24th of June 2018:
Last partner’s meeting in Thessaloniki:

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